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Tema: How can I get to Kopaonik (way to Kopaonik)

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    Podrazumevano How can I get to Kopaonik (way to Kopaonik)

    Hello everybody!

    Me and my friend will fly from Moscow to Belgrad next Friday (11 February), late at night.

    We don't know at all - how we'll get to Kopaonik... :(
    We will stay in "AS Apartments".

    Can anybody help us to know - how get to "AS Apartments" in Kopaonik :?:

    We heard that it is possible by bus: from Belgrad to Kopaonik (somebody say it starts 7...8:00 in a morning)

    What the place from which bus starts, name of bus company and what the time of bus start (учфсдеднб if possible)? :?:

    Any other kind of transport to Kopaonik exists?

    Thanks a lot everybody who will answer!

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    Yup, to Kopaonik you can get only by Bus or car. I've checked for you info regarding to departure from Belgrade, and there is, from the main Bus station - downtown.

    Bus leaves every day at: 7:00h, 8:00h and 12:00h

    Travel to Kopaonik lasts arround 5:30 hours, and bus delivers you to the center, where are located all hotels (including AS).

    Main problem for you is, that you can't book (reserve) a ticket for bus, you can only buy tickets if there will be available (at the place)...


    *Ajde ljudi pomozite choveku, ispravite me ako greshim negde...

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    *dobro si to srocio,razumjece :wink:

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    Tanks, Laki!!!

    It is very important info for us!

    One more question, plz:
    How can I find main Bus station in downtown?
    If I ask people in Belgrad about place of "main bus station in downtown" - most likely they understand me and will say - where it is? (or be best way in this case to use Russian (language)? )
    Is there exists map of Belgrad in the internet (I afraid shops will be closed when we'll arrive) ?
    (I am trying hard to find it, but still no result :( )

    Thank you once again, Laki !!

    Best regards, Andrei

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    I think that the bus from the airport drive to downtown bus station or nearby, or you can take a taxi. I'm not from Belgrade,but when I go there by plane, I usualy take a taxi,and it cost about 15 eur I think. Anyway Laki can tell you better info than I :wink:

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    You're wellcome! There is a map on internet, but it is not easy to use (only on Serbian language) :( Any way, later I'll make you some kind of ruote with map, where is the center core, bus station, etc...

    Regarding language (meaning on younger population) 60% speaks English, 25% Russian and 15% other (or none) So whatever you decide, I prefer it first in Russian to ask, than in English... :wink:

    Ok, here are few pics for your ruote in Belgrade...

    Way from Airport to Bus Station:

    Promenade with shops:

    [click to enlarge]

    Thats it, for now...

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    WOOOW !!!!!

    It is exactly what I need!!!!

    Thank you so much for support, Laki!
    I really appreciate your help!

    I'll be glad to help you one day too, with pleasure!
    (May be you will come to Moscow some day :wink: )

    Please, contact me anytime: [email protected]

    Best regards, Andrei

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    One more question, Laki - you're so kind!..

    Can we leave our luggage at the main Bus station?
    (some kind of check-room (luggage office) exists? )
    Is it open round-the-clock?

    We'll arrive late at night, bus depart early in the morning...
    So, we plan to walk about Belgrad at night
    (but without snowboard, ski, rucksack... :wink: )

    Thank you in advance!

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    Thank you, Zeljo!
    We'll keep in mind your useful information!

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    This is the only information I managed to find on internet, check it out:

    Have a nice stay!

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