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Tema: 28th Jan

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    Hey guys,

    It snowed entire night on Kop and id snowing still.

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    Glad to hear it, was worried the forecast snow would never come! Although after getting snow in London overnight, I thought it was promising sign for more mountainous areas of Europe!

    2 working days to go! :- )

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    Forecast looks like snow on and off for rest of week - yippee!

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    Podrazumevano We're going on 28th too !!

    Hi Patman, Carly, Shazz and all,

    We too are going out on 06.45 from Gatwick on 28th. Just me (Nikki) and hubby (Richi). We're staying at the Grand. Got a cracking last minute deal and it looks like we've picked a smasher of a week.

    We've booked into ski school although we've both been on one skiing holiday before (well, Richi has been a few more times and he's still crap!!)

    Looking forward to the apres ski too, apparently MD beer is the way forward???? I'm sure we'll have a laff trying.

    See you on the slopes......or in the bar.......or in the airport bar !!!

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    We fly from Gatwick on the 28th, not looking forward to the early start but it will be all worth it if that snow drops!

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    Hi Nikki, Richie & Knowles501...

    Looks like we going to have a great week in Kop! Am sure we will be bumping into each other either on the slopes or in the bar (Gatwick/Kop!!)

    Only 2 more work days - and am booked out of office tomorrow, so that hardly counts......... bring on the snow, and the beer!

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    Its great to see so many of us going from gatwick!!
    And even more better that WE HAVE SNOW THEIR AND MORE COMING
    Hope all you beginers on the slopes are as scared as me, (newbie are your children joining the learn to ski school as mine are which im really nervous about)
    Where is everyone from??????? im 2 hours away from gatwick, we live in suffolk.
    oh well 2 days to go and counting the minutes,
    Make sure you all drive carefully to the airport and we will see you their,
    in the pub, i would like to say that i will be the 1 on vodka, but i reakon it will be coffee that time of the morning,
    Dont forget your cameras, then we can all share photos on here when we get back, see you all soon

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    Hi shaz

    Yes, both kids are booked into ski school. Josh Is 8 and Ellie is just 6 tomorrow and YES I am very scared about it. I keep thinking "What if Ellie needs the toilet, will she be expected to go on her own? Will she be able to get stuff off (quick enough)?, you know what they are like, leaving it to the last minute. Will she be able to find them all again after?

    Roll on Monday morning when all my questions will be answered.

    We live in Bournemouth, so we are also allowing 2 hours to get there. I don't really think it is worth going to bed Saturday night.

    I am just packing the suitcases and can't find the ski socks so I must go and find them.

    See you all at Gatwick.


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    Hi Katie
    My Jack is 8, Lets hope jack and josh can meet before the slopes, that way it wont be so scarey for them leaving us, My georgina is 10, but she has special needs(learning difficulties), so im really worried about her, as her attention span is not to great, and she dont listen very well, but she does love playing with younger children, so she would prob get on well with ellie, Our luck will be that the kids will meet in the airport, and get on really well,then be in seperate skiing schools.
    NOT LONG TO GO NOW!!!!!!!

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    Hope all you guys have a great time and do a snow dance for us guys going in March. Real people holiday in the Balkans. Who needs the overpriced Alps?

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