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Tema: The 21st club!

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    Podrazumevano The 21st club!

    Who will be in kop from the 21st?

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    Me! I will be there on my 1st ever ski hol with 3 friends.

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    I'm down.

    See y'all on the slopes (or the plane)

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    ive been following the snow cover chats..

    im going from the UK with 10 others

    looks like we'd better wrap up warm now..

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    gota say the long term Meteorogram is looking pretty good for us at the mo, big dump around the 22nd, then cool but clear over the week. i was scared a week ago! ive still not booked everyones extras just in case..

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    another 21st here.
    7 of us.
    look for the people trying to stand up.

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    weeeeee me and my bf will be out there! Look for the girl causing chaos trying to line up for the chair lifts!!!

    Wiped out three people the last time I went :*

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    I hope that I will come during that week if the snow is good!

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    conditions are looking really poor now, not happy at all :(

    photos like this


    are really getting me down.

    but on a brighter note, were all going on holiday! yeay! stop thinking, start drinking!

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