As promised I'll be posting some photos as soon as i've got them off the laptop (hopefully in the next few days)

Ok so after a week boarding every day and afternoon, staying next door to a Serbian couple who argued for 2 hours every night and then had very loud sex till 4.00am in the morning I'm back in work very knackered!

Snow - Quite a nice amount when we got there and most of the slopes were open. Lovely blue skies for 4 days and sunshine. Was getting patchy in places by Thursday but luckily it snowed all day and evening making saturday riding a joy.

Reps - Very helpful indeed. Friendly people with good English.

Instructors - We had a guy called Jug who was very good and on the first day we were all up the mountain and by the last day on a black run. Also a good laugh and went drinking with us on the last night.

Drink - In shops bottles of beer could be as cheap as 40 dinar (35p) and depending on the brand could be up to 200 dinar in some hotels / bars etc.
SOS bar and Exit bar were good prices.

Night-life - Didn't really get going till quite late. Some dances in some of the bars.

Food - We stayed in the Club A and it was half board. A good variety at breakfast and tea. LOTS of meat. For veggie's it was OK but they didn't really understand the concept and none of the food was labelled. For example some veggie stuff was covered by meat which as my veggie wife pointed out was a bit silly.

Currency - Take Euros as you can use these on some activities and can be used to change to dinars in the airport or in the resort. There are 2 (i think) ATM machines in the resort.

Language - Learn some basic words. It's not really needed but really helps we found. Alot of the waiters etc commented how it was pleasing to hear that we were trying their language out etc.

Other activities - Ski-doo (snow mobile) 60 Euros for an hour up the mountain. Simply brilliant if you have never done it before and we got to see a lovely sunset. Those things don't half shift as well! There was an ice skating rink as well. The reps also organised a quiz night and a bar crawl type thing.

I'm glad that i can finally stop looking at all those snow charts and forecasts now! they didn't make much difference when we were there

forgotten anything? questions?

UPDATE : Photos now on-line at