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Tema: 11 March - Lucked Out

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    Was that with Crystal?
    Sadly I have my own equipment but the rest of the party will be able to benefit from the free lift pass.

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    Was that with Crystal?
    Sadly I have my own equipment but the rest of the party will be able to benefit from the free lift pass.

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    FREE lift pass when Skis or Snowboard, boots and tuition are all individually pre-booked.
    I think Thomson have the same deal.

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    Thanks, I missed that!

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    You mentioned private lessons - these are also very reasonable and easily bookable in the resort. I had them as 4 hours tuition per day would have been too much for me and I was even able to discuss with my instructor after each lesson what I would book for the following day! The cost was 21 Euros an hour for one person and 30 Euros an hour for 3 people.

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    Thanks Treble
    We are thinking of taking private lessons. 4 hours a day just seems too long. I will try to contact Dragisa from, somebody recomended him on this site. Can you remember which ski school did you use?

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    Mine were booked through the Thomson rep (Mirianah(?)) and were with the main ski school Elite. The instructor was Sara who was terrific. She used to compete internationally, but retired due to an injury and finances, though says she now kind of regrets that and wishes she were still doing it really. She has really good English, oodles of patience, a good sense of humour and is easy to get on with, listening to what you want as well as making suggestions too.

    I don't know if it is the norm, but one person told me their 4 hour group lesson on the 1st day had no rest break in it and I sure couldn't have done that! For my 1st lesson I booked a 2 hour slot and Sara could see I was tiring so we stopped for a drink after an hour!

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    I made a few phone calls, ski school in Grand and Dragisa @ Skikop. Dragisa was really helpful. We will decide when we get to Kop but I think we will go for private lessons.
    BTW no offers on equipment, tuition and lift pass with Thomson at the moment, therefore ski + boots + school = £137 and lift pass £58. Learn to ski package is £125 with lift pass.

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    The only pre-bookable tuition as far as I am aware with Thomson etc is group lessons - I booked only my boots/skis and lift pass before going in order to leave myself the choice of what to go for when I had sussed out the situation! Your welcome pack when you get on the coach contains a comprehensive list of tuition possibilities, including private, all priced in euros, so make sure you know the exchange rates! Payment for these is to the Thomson rep and you can use sterling, euros, Dinars or plastic.

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    We had lessons last week. Four hours is about maximum, and that included 30 mins rest in a slope-side cafe!
    We started at 9, which meant the first hour was very quiet! I am sure if you speak to your instructor, he/she will arrange to meet you at same time and place each morning if you dont fancy the full four hours ski lessons. The only problem would be that if you gave up after 2 hours, and were a long way from a slope that led easily to bottom of mountain it could be difficult!

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    Thanks everyone, really useful info, I will see how the pre ski fitness regime works out before I commit to a four hour lesson (although the break for hot wine sounds v tempting!).
    At least being commited to a lesson at 9 it makes you get out of bed!
    4 weeks 5 days and counting!

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