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Tema: 11 March - Lucked Out

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    Podrazumevano 11 March - Lucked Out

    Dobar Dan
    We are a group of 4 adults and 5 kids travelling out in March and staying at the Konaci apartments which we're pleased about since our initial booking was for the Putnik which is a bit out of town. Usually I go to Buigaria so the food won't be a problem as I will eat almost anything as well. Just a few questions

    What are the Konaci apartments like?
    Is there anything I should take apart from the usual stuff?
    Will the noise from the bars keep my kids awake?

    Hope all of you who are waiting to go get extra snow and have a great time! anyway, I've got to hit the phrasebook. By the way what is the Serbian word for Scottish?

    Nick (half of Nick'n'Kim, my SO )


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    Hi Nick,

    I am off to Konaci on Sunday - and have been to Bulgaria before! Will give you a report on my return.
    Hopefully some of the '21st Club' will have returned and should be able to answer your questions as well

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    Hi Nick
    The Serbian word for Scottish can be "skotski" pronounced as sh-kot-ski (for wisky). If you are talking about a person from Scotland then it is "shkot-landjanin" etc, the grammar is comlicated as we have seven cases and other stuff.

    In my experience noise from the bars in Konaci circle can be pretty loud but I am not sure if you can actualy hear it inside the apartments. Konaci are nice enough accomodation (I have been inside), you should like it.

    Hope you have fun! And enough snow!

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    southampton UK


    Hi Nick , apartments are nice,didnt stay there,my group stayed at Club A,but other people we met said they were omfortable and clean.When you check in ask to stay opposite side of the club called Cafe Royal as this club has the bass up loud on its music system.The kids will love the square in the middle as you can have a drink whilst watching them have fun in the snow !

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    hi Nick
    Stayed at the Konaci for new Year, the appts are quite small but comfortable and towels etc all supplied. We did have a problem with the noise because we were put in the 'Ras' block which has the aforementioned cafe royal beneath them and their Disco bass is unbearable. After complaining (can't ski without sleep!) we were moved to the other side 'Majik' block which was much quieter. The appts on this side have not been refurbished(due this summer) so shower etc not so fancy but they were clean and quiet.
    i'm sure you will have a great time.

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    I suppose we need to make sure the kids are completely knackered if we're above that but I can't see it spoiling this trip, Kop looks fantastic. I made a powerpoint slide show using SteveS photos 2005/2006 and I'm really getting in the mood. I feel like a kid just before christmas! Going for a day trip to the Cairngorms on Sunday now that we've got some snow in Scotland. 11 March C'mon!

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    Hey Nick,

    Do you have any good ski resorts in Scotland?

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    For all you guys out there who don't know skiing in Scotland, just google skiscotland or winterhighland. I'm not sure that we can rival what you lucky serbians have though, and I'll have a great time in Kop (unless I break something!).

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    Dobar Dan Nick,
    we're a group of 8 adults and 2 children also going out on the 11th March. Hopefully the snow this week is a sign of good things to come!!
    6 weeks to go, time to start the ski exercises!

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    The snow seems to be improving CLJ, I've been in March for the last 2 years ( to Bulgaria) and the snow was always better later in th season. I just feel sorry for all the guys who went out at Xmas and earlier in the year

    Thanks for all the previos posts giving info about the Konaci and I look forward to reading the reports on your return Patman

    For anyone looking for a good free site for Serbian words and phrases, just google BYKI (before you know it) - really useful site with sounds

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