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Tema: 4th March at Kopaonik

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    Podrazumevano anyone in the 4th March club?


    I'll be in Kopaonik from the 4th March for a week, with another dude whos not much of a drinker!
    Anybody else gonna be there then who wants to meet up for beers?

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    oh ok then! so nobodys coming!

    Does that mean I got all the piste to myself? wohoo!!! you miserable lot!

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    Welcome Delmondo. it would sem that nobody else is going out on the 4th or at least has found this site - we're going on the 11th. I just hope there's another dump before then. Have a great holiday and I'm sure you'll find a drinking buddy out there!

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    If someone wants to pay my fare and clear it with my work and family, I'll go!!!!

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    hey all,

    does anybody know if I need to take photos for the skipass or does it not need one?

    Also can anybody tell me what it costs for hot waxing a snowboard, I havent decided if I should do it before I go or get it done there.

    Hey Nick/Kim I was in bulgaria last year and they told me the best fall of snow has consistantly been the 1st week in March for a few years. so as bulg and serb are neighbours the snow should be good for the 11th when you get there. its looking a bit grim right now tho as its down to 48cm this morning sob sob.

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    No, photos are not needed for 6-day pass, they are for longer ones. People get kit (from Konaci) and passes Sunday afternoon, and the pass is then for Mon-Sat. Kit return is 4pm Sat. Pass will require a 400 Dinar (£4) deposit which you get back if you return it at end of the week). They are the hands-free kind. The machines are always on your left - and my pass worked fine from the pass pocket inside the bottom of my jacket - no fumbling needed!

    Don't know about the waxing but there are LOADS of kit shops/hire centres etc

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    cool thanks for the info treble, I doubt it will cost much to get hot wax so I'll remain im my lazy boarder stereotype and get it done there.


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    I hope that snow will fall in time you reach Kop, since this year is really creazy with weather and situation on slopes looks pretty bad at the moment (I've been there two days ago). :(

    I think that waxing and sharpening will cost arround £10...

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    The topsheet of my board is starting to delaminate. Is there a shop in Kop that could do a repair job if required?

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    wow dude, ins't it a good time to look for a new board!

    there might be some good deals over there...

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