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Tema: 4th March at Kopaonik

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    Take a walk thru resort, there's at least 6-7 services. I think that someone will be capable to fix it.

    If you're up to some good deals - you're just in time, prices are down from 20-50%

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    kewl! thanks for the tip Laki, time to stock up on kit then...

    its snowing like crazy at the moment looking at the cam, cant wait to get there on Sunday.... WoHoo

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    I swear I saw an Oxygen 158 board out there for about 9,000 dinar (about £90)!!

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    you might see a whole load of them on Ebay in two weeks then, 150quid each

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    For example, I saw Atomics Axum for aprox. 280 euro + ask if they have tax-free forms, othervise try to bargain (in a humorous way). This model is top of the Atomic's freestyle range - just to have a clue... Didn't check others, since my Burton is still in perfect condition.

    And yeah, one tip for night clubs; visit "Nasa Kuca" club - near Burton store, clubbing madness almost every night. :P

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    you might see a whole load of them on Ebay in two weeks then, 150quid each
    Yep! The shop was in Konaci square, near to the reception area. The board was in the window and it was a red and black board.

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