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Tema: Veggies in Serbia?

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    Podrazumevano Veggies in Serbia?

    Well just over 2 weeks until my GF and I hit the slopes (hopefully not too hard!)

    Just had a couple of questions about Serbian cuisine

    First off my GF is not only a Veggie, but also wheat intolerant! Does anyone here know any Serbian dishes that don’t include meat, pasta, or flour (in any form, and trust me, its harder than it seems EVERYTHING seems to have wheat in it!) and what are they called?

    We are going to bring some wheat free pasta and bread with us, hopefully the restaurants wont mind cooking the wheat free pasta!

    Failing that, does anyone know which restaurants have staff that can speak the best English? As (and I’m really not trying to sound patronising here) its hard enough to explain in England that yes the veggie pasta dish or the veggie flan or veggie pizza look very tasty, but my GF cant eat any of them!!

    I’m thinking if push comes to shove, find a decent restaurant where they speak good English (all suggestions welcome!) talk to the manager of the restaurant, bung him a nice tip and ask him nicely if the chef can cook something special for my GF

    Me I’m easy to feed and I’m really looking forward to tucking into some Serbian food!!

    So suggestions on Serbian foods that don’t contain wheat or meat! And decent restaurants in the Kop!


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    Sorry mate but I think your girlfriend's gonna starve!
    recent posts seem to suggest that there is a meat eating culture, except for salad stuff, I think you're going to struggle to find veggie options

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    It is true that veggie options aren't common. However if you're half board in the Grand the buffet would almost certainly have something to offer each night as there was a large selection of cooked meals and salads. In the 'town' there are 2 or 3 small but decent supermarkets too. The people were always very helpful and keen to please, so I would ask and you may well find that they'll offer your GF some good options.

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    I was worried that she might starve!

    So we went for the self-catering option (we are staying at Konaci) the super markets should be able to provide us with some basics, but if I’m honest I would really prefer to eat out!

    It not like you go on holiday to cook now is it?

    I am still pretty confident we can find some decent food! I am ever the optimist! Just like I am trying to be optimistic about not actually breaking anything on the slopes!

    I think best bet is stock up at the super market on the Sunday (does anyone know if the super markets will be open on a Sunday?) when we arrive then scout around for places to eat Sunday evening.

    A mere 14 days!! I'm like a kid waiting for Xmas! I should be ashamed! BUT IM NOT!

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    The supermarkets are open on a Sunday right into the evening.

    I think you'll be ok. There are options for veggies

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    If you want to take a look at/print out some useful Serbian vocab including lists of basic foods go to and follow the link to Serbian Phrases. These might help you translate menus, not all of which are yet available in English.

    One restaurant that I know has an English version (can't remember what was on it tho, cos we only had afternoon coffee there) is the Nin which is not too far from the bottom of Blue run 7 - some people were plodding their way up to it when we left it at 4.30pm.

    The restaurant/bar in the basement (conservatory) of the Grand is open to all, but it's basically a pizza place so would not be good for GF. It's the only place we found pints of beer tho and it was cheap!

    We saw a flyer for a biggish looking restaurant on the little street just beyond the Grand - don't know if that might be worth looking at? Also there is a hotel/restaurant on the very short Masinac run served by a button lift and accessed via a path just beyond and to the right of the Chairlift for Blue 7 (Karaman Greben). Think it's called Heaven's seat or something like that - again being biggish it might be worth a look.

    Incidentally, the Konaci does have a HB option, so it does have a restaurant - that's likely to be a self-serve buffet like the others I guess, but whether you can just buy a one-off there I don't know.

    By the way - don't excpect to buy anything much at the airport at Nis! It is TINY - a shed tho there is a small cafe upstairs! On the way home, you leave pretty early and SHOULD have time to eat at the airport - we didnt cos our bloomin coach broke down! Suggest you might take something with you to eat just in case - those on B&B get given a packed breakfast.

    SOrry can't be more specific - but am sure you'll have a great time.

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    Thanks for the link treble, I thought some of the phrases were hysterical. A whole section on how to ask for a date then get married. priceless!

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    Well there you go - what more could you want from a holiday!!

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    Hmmm, I might try the "will you marry me" phrase at passport control! That should get me into the country (or back on the plane) in record time!!

    Thanks for the assistance though Treble and the rest of the gang for the replys!

    We will get by, i think i just need the serbian for cabbage soup, veggie stew and salad!!

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    Hi there,

    My girlfriend and I are taking our neice ski-ing to Serbia, also on the 11th March 2007. So probably see you there. The other thing is that my girlfriend is also a vegetarian. We went to Bulgaria sk-ing two years ago and I believe that Serbia is very similar. Thay are BIG meat eaters but I wouldn't worry too much, my girlfriend always got something to eat at meal times.

    Probably see you on the slopes


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