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Tema: So whose booked up for next year?

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    Podrazumevano So whose booked up for next year?

    So whose booked up for next year then after having a great time this year?

    We were gonna go to Banff in Canada but de to having a rather expensive year this year with big birthday parties and other things, we've decided to go back to Kop.

    Anyone else going?

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    Glad you enjoyed it NSIS but go a bit later next year, more chance of good conditions, I think I've left it about 2 weeks too late this year, there seems to be a bit of a thaw on again, I was thinking of Superdevoluy in framce next year, new resort and prices are cheap compared to other French resorts but reality is that I will be booking last minute and if I like Kop may do the same. Only a week to go !!!

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    Oh yes indeedy... PatMan & Mrs Patman will be back in Kop for '08!
    Bringing our own unique 'style' of getting from the top of the mountain to the bottom - it involves skis, but calling it ski-ing would be taking it a bit far...

    Have booked a week later this year, and gone upmarket to sample the Grand - look forward to seeing you all!


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    Not this year unless we suddenly find a last minute too-good-to-miss offer, as we're doing half term in Vallandry, due to one person in our group this yearbeing a teacher.

    Definitely want to go back and sample with better snow & more confidence than last year, just not sure when it will happen.

    Would do the Grand again - nice hotel and superb location.

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    Im about to book a group of 14 staying at the Grand! 08/03 hopefully.

    Always been to Andorra in the past and some of the Alpes. I am hoping this is a good pick!!
    We are a group of snowboarders all ranges from excellent to beginners so I hope there is enough to keep the Guys at bay!

    Really looking forward to it!!

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    Podrazumevano We're booked up for next year!

    Hi surfer_chicky - we visited Kop in February this year and had a great time - loved the place! So much so that within a few weeks of coming home, we'd booked again for next year! This year we stayed at the Konaci Apartments, next year we're treating ourselves to the Grand Hotel. Depart on 9th February - looking forward to it now!

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    Well its that time of year again and although we are not going back to Kop this year I'm sure we will be back at some point as we had such a good time previously.
    We are off to Fieberbrunn in Austria next month and I only wish they had a website like this so I could get some more infomation about the place.
    Best wishes to all those going to KOP, I'm sure you will have a good time.

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    We're going March 1st staying at the Konaci again. Hopefully it will be the same guys in the Skiservis as I had a really good laugh with them last yer. There is almost twice as much snow as last year and the temps are really low so It should be brilliant

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