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Tema: Current conditions

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    I'll be the one in the red Columbia jacket, don't see many of those do you!

    Anyone know of any good walks in Kop? Lol!

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    Who would have thought it!!!

    The last couple of weeks of March and they have the best conditions of the season.


    Might have to look out for a last minutes cheap deal!!!

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    over a meter of snow there now!! Just a couple of weeks to late for me!

    I still had a great time at Kop and would definately go back there for another holiday! I reckon that I might try the end of feb this time mind you

    I think the snow conditions this year have been poor everywhere, lets just hope this is a blip and that next year is a return to better times!

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    Aaaarggghhh. gutted as well but I have to agree with you OSE, a really nice place and certainly well worth another visit with better conditions. Just a pity that I'd used all my hooidays or I'd have tried to get back out this year. It would have been cheaper as out of season (wry smile)

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    I wish we had more snow, but still we had such a great holiday! Hotel was nice, great food, excellent ski instructor Andreja. And of course, will go back next year.

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