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    LOL patman - My 9 year old made it look oh so simple last year, shooting past me while he was curled up in a ball!! Kids these days respect for their elders

    Surfer Chicky - you will have a fab time, the skiing is awesome, the pistes are well groomed and the queues are minimal, also the hire gear was so much better than that I'd used in Bulgaria previously, they are obviously pulling out all the stops to make sure any word spread about Kop is good (and it is). I've been on the net today trying to find something in Kop for 2009.
    Have to agree with you about the quality of hire gear - so much better than Bulgaria! And the queues - compared to the queues in Bulgaria - what queues?

    A great time will be had by all -

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    hi everyone.

    One reason the board might be quiet this year is because the web address has changed.

    I've had the old board in my favorites since last year and every now and again would check and theres been no new posts since July.

    Its only because i was on the main site page and come in through there that i found that there have indeed been discussions about Kop.

    Im still hoping to get some skiing in this year, but funds are the main sticking point (am off to Vegas in March so want to do most things over there) but you never know, the credit card may get a hit if a good last minute deal comes up!!

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    I had the old board in my favourites too. Maybe someone could put a post on the old forum directing people to this forum?

    I would, but I deleted the site from my favourites and can't remember the address.

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    Sorry I don't have the old link either. But the strange thing I've noticed is that if you enter the forum via the main Kop site, if you look at the 'last post date' for all of the Serbian language forums, there don't appear to be any recent ones - it's as if all the Serbs have disappeared and are posting elsewhere - anyone know where?

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    Maybe they can't find the new forum site either!

    Pity really, picked up loads of useful information before I went away last year - bound to be loadsa newbies 'lost' and needing help!

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